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Soul Path Wellness Inc.

Heal, Transform, Ascend

practicing yoga outdoors on a lovely day

Meet Lindsay

I am here to support you on the journey of discovering your authentic self. This process isn't easy and often times entails shedding many layers-traumas, social conditioning, self-limiting beliefs, relationships and behaviors which no longer serve you or your personal growth & development. At times, there can even be influences from past lives or external energies effecting your state of wellbeing, keeping you from finding balance. I am here to help you integrate the spectrum of all your life experiences, in order to help you gain meaning, and to get you in touch with the radiant being that you are, and harness the gifts residing within you which the world needs. 

My Specializations

I offer a variety of services which include the following:


Holistic Psychotherapy & Coaching


Evidential Mediumship


Past Life Regression & Spirit 

Releasement Therapy


Reiki Healing


Hatha Yoga Instruction & Breathwork


Trance Healing


Clinical Hypnosis & EMDR Therapy


Ancestral Healing



Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

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